Our Team

Passion and professionalism define our team. We train with passion at heart. We don’t bite more than we chew. We ensure
personalised attention. Above all, our trainers are qualified and have over five years of industry experience. Our CEO himself
has over 20 years of professional writing experience under his belt.




Words don’t come easily for Francis Yip when he first started his career. He was mistaken as the famous Hong Kong singer, Frances Yip. He changed job from an ad agency to another like changing clothes. By day, he loved to moonlight and by night, he loved to chase dreams.

But Francis Yip is a “word”aholic. Some of his best ideas were churned from the oddest place – the water closet. That’s right! Answering nature’s call became answering brief for clients. For over 25 years, Francis has created impactful brand stories for Tourism Malaysia, Hitachi, Yomeishu, F&N Dairies, Microsoft, Adabi, SP Setia, Sunway, NEC, British Council, Telekom and more.

Francis was a former writer and Creative Director in Bloomberg TV Malaysia, SMASCOM Design, NewsAd, Bozell Worldwide, Grey Worldwide, KHK DMB&B, Mandate Saga, Hayley & Hoyle, Akomori Advertising and more. A two-time award winner of AirAsia’s inflight magazine, Travel3Sixty for Best Article of the Month, Francis is currently a travel columnist for renowned GoAsiaPlus travel magazine.

He is also a winner of Top Outstanding Gourmet & Travel Writer Award at World’s Top Gourmet Awards 2019, Best Creative Writer Brand Award at Top 500 Entrepreneurs Brand Awards 2019, STYLO Fashionista of the Year 2019 at Malaysia Fashion Week 2019 and Asia Top Business Award 2018 from International Business Federation (IBF). His proven track record includes winning many advertising campaigns including 3 consecutive pitches for Tourism Malaysia (East Asia market) and Visit Malaysia Year 2014. A multi-talented creative director, Francis has expanded his skills, from being a copywriter to become a host, public relations and event management consultant. In fact, Francis is also a Director of Communication for Malaysia Fashion Week 2018 and STYLO Gentlemen’s Weekend.

Today, he is a celebrity Manager to Sinon Loresca, King of Catwalk and Datin Maylene, famed philanthropist. Francis is also currently a part-time lecturer in One Academy KL and Penang campus and has often been invited to give talks and conduct workshops in varsities and companies, such as 11 th Street, Flipbizz, UKM, UNITAR, International University of Malaya-Wales, Dasein Academy of Art, Klinik de Era Conference, Figureline Academy Seminar, Business Network International (BNI) and more.

He is now the CEO/Trainer of WORDerful Learning Sdn Bhd



Who could ever imagine a medical expert end up as a marketing expert? Well, Dr Madelene Ong certainly broke convention by being the Jack of all trades and master of all.

With her doctorate in Healthcare Management and also State Registered Clinical Research Associate qualification, Dr Madelene has served in Singapore Health promoting Singapore medical tourism and healthcare industry. She was actively involved in many management cases of doctors and patients. With over 20 years of corporate experiences, Dr Madelene brings to the table business acumen, human resource and strategic marketing planning.

She is instrumental in finding solutions and collaboration partners, especially with other universities and colleges like Universiti Malaya and SEGI University.

Dr Madelene is also digital savvy with her strong knowledge of social media marketing using Flipbizz, one of our business partners.

As an active medical practitioner, Dr Madelene is the Founder & President of Penang Parkinson’s Disease Association, Vice-President of Penang MS Support Group and active member of Multiple Sclerosis Society Malaysia.




Gary Lee has 18 years of experience in speaking, including training, hosting and emceeing. He is trilingual with strong literacy in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. He has also made appearances on the global stage beyond Malaysia from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau to China and Oman.

He spoke to as many as 10,000 audience crowd at Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil and as many as 2 persons in a school, yet always keep his best enthusiasm to inform, influence and inspire people via effective presentation. To this end, he has spoken in more than 1,500 sessions with an estimated total crowd of 100,000 people.

One of his fortes in public speaking is micro presentation, which is an impromptu effective presentation within 15 minutes catering to the fast-paced society today.

Gary is the founder of The Emcee Alliance in 2019 to provide coaching platform, talent management and mutual support system to emcee talents who want to make a breakthrough in the commercial market.

Being an activist in the NGO, particularly Junior Chamber International, he was the 2016 Area Training Director, 2019 World Most Outstanding New Local Organisation President, and 2020 JCI Malaysia National Linguistic Commission Chair.

Today, he devotes his service to humanitarian causes and helps transform lives through speaking engagement.