About us

WORDerful Learning Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first professional writing training centre which focuses solely on improving writing skills for both professionals and students.

We are not any typical training centre because we are entirely dedicated to professional writings across all fields.

Many other education and training centres have a mix of non-writing courses but we keep it strictly and solely on writing. This makes us unique!

Malaysia has a lot of good presenters, good artists and designers but the number of good writers are limited. We want to spearhead the initiative to build a whole new generation of good writers. We want to at least, enable people to hold the pen well!


Our vision is to provide a good training ground for both working professionals and students to master the craft of writing for better career prospect. We aim to be a LEADER in building a much craftier, savvier and more passionate breed of writers who can contribute immensely to nation building. To achieve our far-sighted vision, our mission is to:


• Hone one’s writing skills irrespective of their background in various fields of interest including journalism, public relations, advertising, digital and social media, book author and many more. 

• Help stimulate one’s creativity and thought with clever wordplay and the right messages 

• Help conceptualise a writing piece, from start to finish, creating both great writers and thinkers. 

• Nurture the ability to control one’s train of thoughts, and ensuring proper structuring and writing flow.. 

• Provide an integrated and all-embracing discipline and field of writings under ONE roof


All in all, we’re here to help you ROAR or get noticed with a platform to SOAR. Write to Roar and Soar!